Thursday, April 19, 2012

Having Balls

First off, I'd like to welcome readers to the first of many blog posts from me.  I'll try to be posting every Thursday.  Anyways, here's my first crack at this!

Today, I'm writing about balls.  Specifically, I'm writing about having the balls to pull the trigger on life choices.

The past year has brought about a lot of BIG life decisions and changes for me.  They are:

1)  Proposing to and getting married to my beautiful wife, Molly.
2)  Quitting my job as an industrial real estate broker.
3)  Choosing an entirely different career path as a S&C/Oly Weightlifting/CrossFit coach.
4)  Moving to Austin from Los Angeles.

WTF?!  I'm married.  I'm not going to be making much money initially.  I'm in a new profession.  I'm in a new city where my wife and I left behind dear friends and familiarity.  Those thoughts and the uncertainty that goes with them are enough to scare a lot of people away from making decisions like those, let alone all in the time span of 1 year.

Throughout the entire decision making process, I was certainly nervous, stressed, scared and hesitant at times.  Who wouldn't be?  At the same time, however, I was excited for the change and the possibilities.

Trust me, these decisions were not immediate and sudden.  They had been on my mind for a couple years.  It was just a matter of finding the right time and having the balls to actually pull the trigger and make it happen.  There have certainly been some difficult and stressful times since making all of these decisions, but I feel fulfilled and happier than I was before I pulled the trigger.  Some of the best decisions I've made in my life to date.

My point here is this: Have balls and don't be afraid to take big steps in your life.  Have faith in your decisions.  Enjoy the ride, or else big things will pass you by!

Source: eBaum' s World Pictures