Sunday, September 30, 2012

Some Serious Training

I just wanted to let you guys enjoy a couple weightlifting video's that were passed onto me from some close friends.

The first video is a short documentary on the Russian Junior National Weightlifting Team.  It's no wonder that Russian and other former Soviet bloc countries are so dominate in international competitions - they are well funded and take training and their sport VERY seriously.

The second video is of Ilya Ilin, a 94kg Olympic and World Champion weightlifter from Kazakstan, working up to a 240kg (528lbs) clean & jerk.  The big thing to take away here is that the technique and tempo don't really change from "lighter" weight to max weight.  Dialed in!

As an aside, I competed in the Copperhead this past weekend up in North Texas, and did very well.  Stay tuned for some videos and breakdown of how it went.

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