Monday, October 1, 2012

Copperhead Weightlifting Championships

I competed this past weekend in the Copperhead Weightlifting Championships in Van Alstyne, TX.  This is a unique meet because it's held in a barn at a farm.  HA!  There were a lot of competitive lifters, a few of them being national level competitors, so it was great to see some big time lifts!  All in all a pretty awesome time.

Personally, the meet finished very well; however, it started off a little shaky.  I missed my opening snatch attempt, which generally is a BAD thing.  Whoops. Despite the brain fart, I ended up getting my head together and hit my last 2 attempts.  I ended up with a 3kg meet PR and matched my all time PR that I hit just 2 weeks ago.

For the clean & jerk portion, I went 2 for 3.  I made 115kg on my second attempt, which was a 3kg meet PR and matched my all time PR that I hit the Saturday before.  I went for 118kg on my third attempt, but couldn't stand it up after a strong pull.  I need to continue to get stronger in the squat.

The big take aways I had from this weekend were that: 1) you have to be dialed in and focused for each attempt - especially the first one, and 2) you have to have a short memory.  If you miss an early attempt, you have to regather your focus for the remainder of the meet in order to total and be successful.

Below are the video's of my best lifts this weekend.  Enjoy!

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