Thursday, May 24, 2012

Be Convinced

Performance is all about confidence.  If you don't have it, your skills, whether they are learned or natural, are as worthless as a piece of shit.  You have to believe in yourself and your abilities in order to succeed.

Here are a couple scenarios that I'm sure a few people here have experienced when squatting:

Scenario 1)  There's a ton of weight on the bar, you know it and are not looking forward to it.  As soon as you get under the bar and un-rack the weight, the thought of "oh f---, this is heavy" comes into your mind.  Then two things happen - you either have to bail out, or you have to work so hard it feels like you're going into labor. 

Scenario 2)  There's a ton of weight on the bar, you know it, but you tell yourself you're going to destroy this set and anything that gets in your way.  As you get under the bar, but before you un-rack the weight, the though of "LIGHT WEIGHT! (or insert own mental cue here)" is streaming through your mind.  Then just one thing happens this time around - you crush it and then proceed to crush the rest of your day.

What's the difference?  Being CONFIDENT and CONVINCED in your abilities to succeed.  Simple as that.  This applies to any type of training modality, whether it be weightlifting, power lifting, crossfitting, running, etc.  It also applies to life. Imagine that.

Convincing yourself of your abilities needs to start before you get to the gym, field of competition, work, etc.  If you change your mental approach, I'm willing to bet that your performance and success will improve greatly too.  What are you waiting for?!

Donny Shankle is ALWAYS convinced!

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