Thursday, May 10, 2012

Lift Light to Lift Heavy

In this weeks training, we've had at least one barbell movement in each workout: thrusters, deadlifts, hang power snatches, and snatch grip push press. I love it!  Getting STRONG and POWERFUL!!!!  But wait, you need to learn to crawl before you walk.

Contrary to popular belief, the key to mastering these lifts and movements isn't necessarily about strength. While it obviously helps, it's not the key.  Just look at the state of weightlifting here in the states: we have some of the "strongest" athletes in the sport, but can't compete with other countries where their athletes are more technically proficient (we'll save this discussion for a later date).

The key is TECHNIQUE.  Technique = efficiency.  As a weightlifter, all it takes to miss a lift at maximal loads is to be off on your technique by fractions of an inch.  As a crossfitter, better technique and efficiency means more reps faster.  Being efficient just makes things much easier.  When being cued by a coach on a lift, have you ever had the feeling that the lift felt much easier when implementing what your coach said?  Doing it right makes it much easier!

Proficient technique also reduces the chance of injury (just think of a rounded back when deadlifting - ouch!).

You cannot expect to improve your technique by "beastmoding" every workout with heavy loads and think you're getting better because you gutted it out.  You're actually getting worse.  You need to take a step back, check your ego at the door, and "learn to lift light in order to lift heavy." (Hat tip to Sean Waxman for ingraining this into me early!).  Do it correctly.  Once you're technique is solid at a certain weight, THEN you can start moving up.  Trust me, you'll be better off in the long run.

Yeah.  That's perfect...

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