Thursday, May 3, 2012

Lift With Intention

My biggest coaching mentor, Sean Waxman (Waxman's Gym), repeatedly tells his lifters that every lift they take is one more closer to their retirement.  Might sound harsh and blunt, but harden up - he's absolutely right.

Whether you're a weightlifter, powerlifter, or crossfitter, you must lift, train and workout with intention.  What do I mean by this?  You have to approach each training session or rep as if it's your last.  You have to have focus.  You have to have passion to achieve greatness.  You have to have a purpose.  You have to have a goal.  You have to have a desire to get better and improve.

You can't expect to get better at ANYTHING by just going through the motions.  You have to be present.    No half-assing it here, folks.  If you're just planning on going through the motions, "kindly leave", as Travis Holley always says.  You won't be able to lift or train at your peak forever, so take advantage of the moment NOW.  Never leave an opportunity for yourself to look back and wonder "what if".

Next time you train, remember this: the moment you set foot on the gym floor, it's go time.  Be focused, be intense, be tough, and have intention.

Source: Rob Macklem's Flikr

No regrets here with this lift.

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