Saturday, March 23, 2013

Listen to Your Coach - Spring Training Progression: Week 1, Day 4

Agility Ladder
5 Sets of Lateral Shuffle

6 Sets of 25 yds

6 Sets of 30 yds

Backwards Run
6 Sets of 30 yes

6 Sets of 30 yds

Box Jumps
5 Sets of 3 Reps
Worked up to 45"

1 Set of 2 Reps @ 60%
1 Set of 2 Reps @ 65%
2 Sets of 2 Reps @ 70%
1 Set of 2 Reps @ 75%
2 Sets of 2 Reps @ 80%

Snatch Pull
4 Sets of 5 Reps @ 80%

Back Squat
1 Set of 2 Reps @ 60%
1 Set of 2 Reps @ 70%
1 Set of 2 Reps @ 80%
3 Sets of 2 Reps @ 85%

Last progression, I had been working off of 156kg for squats.  I had squatted 150, but never went for a 1-RM.  The past 2 weeks, I have been using 162.5kg as my 1-RM for my sets of 10, and the sets felt great!  Today, however, was the first time squatting over 60% in 3 weeks.  Sean, my coach, suggested I base my numbers off of 157, but I urged him to let me use the numbers I was using.  He ultimately let me.

I should have listened to Sean.  I missed my second rep of my last set, and every other rep felt like 95%+. HA.  While it was the most reps I've done at this weight, today was a great lesson to put the ego aside and listen to your coach.  They have more experience than you and just know better, certainly when it comes to the sport, and typically when it comes to life in general.  That's why they are coaches and teachers.

Also, as a coach, you have to let your athlete's fail in order for them to realize that you were right in suggesting something.  Today I was the athlete that had to fail. Lesson learned. 85% should feel like 85%.

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