Sunday, March 10, 2013

Meet PR's! - Coachella Valley Weightlifting Championship

Saturday was the culmination of a 4 month training cycle.  We traveled out to Palm Desert to compete in the Coachella Valley Weightlifting Championships hosted by The Yard.  While I didn't end up where I wanted, I still went 4/6 and hit meet PR's in both the snatch and the clean & jerk.

I was hoping to go 100-104-108 in the snatch, but missing my opener really put in wrench in that gear. Even though I missed my first attempt, the pull was excellent, I just wasn't ready for it in the catch.  My next 2 lifts felt like butter!  While I don't like missing openers, it really does force you to keep your focus and not get down on yourself.  Short memories!

Coming into the meet, I wasn't feeling the most confident in the c&j, partly because I felt like my legs weren't there.  To compound that, my warm-up wasn't organized well.  My last warm-up attempt was 95kg, and my first attempt was 113kg.  Having to take an 18kg jump from warm-up to your first attempt isn't ideal, so I was a little rattled as I approached the platform.  I gathered myself though and 113kg ended up felling really easy!  The ability to focus your mind plays such a huge role when it comes time to lift in a meet.  Hell, not just for weightlifting, but for all sports in general!

The plan was to go 113-117-120, but 113kg felt relatively easy, so I decided to push a little and went 118kg and 122kg.  118kg felt relatively easy too, so I was feeling really confident going into my last attempt.  On my final attempt at 122kg, the bar came away from me a bit during the transition, which made it too difficult for me to recover from. The next time I take that weight, it's mine.  Once I get under a weight once, I tend to hit it the next time I go for it.

Check out the video:

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