Sunday, December 9, 2012

Tips to Speed Up Recovery on Rest Days

Sunday's are typically my rest days after a tough week of 5-6 training days.  It's gladly welcomed, as the body needs time to recover and regenerate before hitting another tough week of training.

Generally, I don't really do a whole lot in terms of activity.  Relax, read, watch football, spend time with my wife and dog.  One thing that's also very important is making sure you do a little body maintenance on your body.  I used to neglect this aspect of rest days, but have recently been getting back into the routine, and it definitely makes a huge difference in training.

This week, my maintenance has been focused on my hip flexors and quads.  Everyone has there own "tools" and methods, so at the end of the day, as long as you're doing something, it's better than just lounging around and doing nothing.  Since this is my blog, I want to talk about the "tool" that I specifically use.  It's called MYOROPE.  For those of you who use a lacrosse ball, you this should interest you!  Essentially, a MYOROPE is 2-6 lacrosse balls strung together with rope.  It gives you the acute pressure that one lacrosse ball does, but extends it's reach to that of a foam roller!

If you were paying attention to my blog earlier this week, my hips got so tight and painful, I couldn't even squat 80kg.  With the combination of training through the discomfort and using my MYOROPE to work out the kinks, I was virtually back to normal by Friday!

Given that Sunday's are my rest days and will have no weightlifting video content, I've decided to change that.  Over the next few weeks, I will be posting videos of recovery exercises you can you with the MYOROPE that you can start implimenting for you pre-workout, post-workout and rest day routines.  Stay tuned!!!

My Red Colored MYOROPE
If you'd like to order one for yourself or for friends and family as a stocking stuffer, just click here!

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