Thursday, December 6, 2012

Training Progression: Week 2, Day 4 - Adaptation

Power Clean + Press
5 Sets of 1 P.Cl. + 5 Press*
*Performed working sets @ 81% of Press 1-RM

Power Snatch + Snatch Grip Behind the Neck Push Press + Overhead Squat
1 Set of 3 P.Sn. + 3 Sn.G.B.N.P.Pr. + 3 Oh.S. @ 60%
3 Sets of 3 P.Sn. + 3 Sn.G.B.N.P.Pr. + 3 Oh.S. @ 70%

Power Clean + Front Squat+ Jerk
1 Set of 3 P.Cl. + 3 F.S. + 2 Jr. @ 60%
3 Sets of 3 P.Cl. + 3 F.S. + 2 Jr. @ 70%

Snatch Pulls
4 Sets of 4 Reps @ 90%

Back Squat
1 Set of 4 Reps @ 60%
1 Set of 4 Reps @ 70%
1 Set of 4 Reps @ 80%
1 Set of 3 Reps @ 85%
1 Set of 4 Reps @ 80%
1 Set of 2 Reps @ 85%

Daily Volume: 135
Weekly Volume: 371

Today seemed like a "lighter" day, which was a welcome relief.  I also love barbell complexes!  I was, however, only able to squat 1 rep out of 5 at my 85%, but my 80% felt the strongest it's felt over the past couple of weeks, which I'll take as a big relief!

The reason why today's squats felt easier was not just due to the fact that my hips feel back to normal, but also in part due to adaptation.  Adaptation is when the body is able to tolerate heavier loads by overcoming the stresses that are experienced through strength training through a periodized method of programming.

According to Tudor Bompa and his book, Periodization Training for Sports, the body is stressed and fatigue is increased early in the training week due to and increased load that the body is not used to.  The body then adjusts by midweek, adapts to the load over the next couple of days, and by the end of the week, the body is capable to lifting heavier loads. (Bompa, 34).  This is exactly what I experienced this week.

I made the mistake last week of taking 4 days off during the American Open, and after Monday's training, my body was so stressed from training, it needed to readapt to the weight I had been consistent with the prior week and a half.  I lost my adaptation I gained from my prior training.  This week was a great lesson in adaptation, both researching/reading about it and personally experiencing it.  The key to adaptation and continued improvement is fairly simple: train, and train often!

Final Set of Snatch Complex

Final Set of Clean Complex

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