Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Training Progression: Week 3, Day 2

Back Squat
1 Set of 3 Reps @ 60%
1 Set of 3 Reps @ 70%
1 Set of 3 Reps @ 80%
1 Set of 3 Reps @ 85%

Power Snatch
1 Set of 3 Reps @ 60%
5 Sets of 3 Reps @ 70%

Power Clean + Jerk
1 Set of 3 P.Cl. + 1 Jr. @ 60%
3 Sets of 3 P.Cl. + 1 Jr. @ 70%

Clean Pulls
4 Sets of 2 Reps @ 90%

Daily Volume: 54
Weekly Volume: 172

Today was a welcomed lower volume day.  I must say, however, that I really have a love hate relationship with squats.  I love them because I know they are essential to me becoming a stronger and better overall lifter, but hate them because I struggle with them.  I was only able to get 2 out of the 3 reps at 85%.  Just got to keep pushing through and never give up.

Today, I finally felt like I was getting somewhere with getting under the bar faster in the snatch.  It came down to me getting into the second pull faster than I have in the past.  I could really feel the difference today.  I didn't jump back as much, if at all on most of my reps, which was what I've been trying to get to the past couple of weeks.  Now the key is to stay consistent with it and see if I'll be able to replicate this day in and day out.  One can only hope. HA!

70% Power Snatch - Jumping Back Less!

70% Power Clean + Jerk

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