Saturday, January 5, 2013

First Meet Back in California

98kg - Make
102kg - Miss (elbow bend)
105kg - Miss

Clean & Jerk
113kg - Make
117kg - Make (meet PR)
120kg - Miss (made clean for PR)

Back Squat
1 Set of 3 Reps @ 60%
1 Set of 3 Reps @ 70%
1 Set of 3 Reps @ 80%
3 Sets of 3 Reps @ 85%

Today was my first meet since moving back to California.  We were given 2 days notice about the meet and only had one day as a "taper."  Not to mention Thursday's training was pretty tough.  Regardless, I was still looking for some PR's.

My snatches were disappointing.  I had an arm bend on my right arm in my second snatch, but the pull went solid, so I decided to go up as opposed to taking 102 again.  Should've taken 102 again. HA!  I was too far back on the pull and missed the weight forward on my last attempt.  Given a few more attempts, I'm confident I could have gotten it, but that's the sport of weightlifting, which makes it exciting.  3 attempts and that's it!

The positive of the day came from clean & jerks.  All three of my cleans felt relatively "light", so the squatting is definitely paying off.  The trade off with squatting, however, is that it's effecting my jerk a bit.  I feel as if I don't have that pop I typically have because my legs aren't rested.  My jerk at 120 had a bit of a press out.

All in all there were a lot of positives from today.  In no way were we rested for this meet, and I was still able to get a meet PR in the C&J and a clean PR.  I also won my weight class! HA!

Moving forward, I'll increase the numbers I'm basing my snatch, clean & jerk, and squat percentages off.  Looking forward to making some big jumps here moving forward!

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