Friday, January 4, 2013

One Day Taper - Training Progression: Week 6, Day 4

Power Snatch
1 Set of 2 Reps @ 60%
1 Set of 2 Reps @ 65%
2 Sets of 2 Reps @ 70%

Power Clean + Jerk
1 Set of 2 P.Cl. + 1 Jr. @ 60%
1 Set of 2 P.Cl. + 1 Jr. @ 65%
2 Sets of 2 P.Cl. + 1 Jr. @ 70%

Back Squat
1 Set of 1 Rep @ 60%
1 Set of 1 Rep @ 70%
1 Set of 1 Rep @ 80%
1 Set of 1 Rep @ 85%

Daily Volume: 20
Weekly Volume: 357

Since we're competing tomorrow at CrossFit Monrovia, we had a "taper" day.  Gladly needed.  I feel pretty beat up and slow after yesterday's training.  The rest of today will consist of mobility work and soaking in an epson salt bath.

Earlier today, I posted a comment on Facebook that said: "When you train, you must be focused EVERY SINGLE REP! #takenorepoff #traineveryday"

It seemed to get a lot of positive feedback.  A buddy of mine, Sailor Schiffereli, commented and asked the question: "I have been told and read that thinking during lifting is the enemy, slows you down...BUT it's important to keep focused. SO how do you focus but not think? Where do you direct that focus if not into thoughts of what you're doing? "

I addressed this in an earlier post last year here, but want to reiterate and expand upon it, because it's important.  There certainly is a difference between "thinking" and "focusing".  When you think, your mind has a tendency to wonder.  When you focus, your mind is narrowed and dialed in.

When training, your focus needs to be simple dialed into one, maybe two points.  That way, you reduce the chances of over thinking and complicating things further.  Personally, my focus has been getting my hips into the bar as fast as I can.  To keep myself from thinking too much, my focused cues are simple and to the point - "HIPS!" SPEED!"  As I said in the previous post, keep it simple.  Use one or two word cues to prime your mind and body.

Your time to think is in between sets or even after training sessions.  Get after it!

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