Saturday, January 19, 2013

Back At It - Training Progression: Week 8, Day 5

Power Snatch
1 Set of 4 Reps @ 60%
3 Sets of 4 Reps @ 70%

Power Clean + Jerk
1 Set of 4 P.Cl. + 1 Jr. @ 60%
3 Sets of 4 P.Cl. + 1 Jr. @ 70%

Snatch Pulls
4 Sets of 5 Reps @ 90%

4 Sets of 4 Reps

Back Squat
Work to Max:
4 Sets of 3 Reps @ 80% of 140kg (115kg)

Daily Volume: 89
Weekly Volume: 513

Yesterday was an active rest day that consisted of about an hour of soft tissue and mobility work.  Boy are my quads tights and knotted up!

After the day off yesterday, I was back at it today at Waxman's Gym with Sam and Greg!The lifts felt solid today.  I missed training with Sam and Greg and the vibe was great.  Looking forward to Saturday's and training with those knuckle heads.  Squats at the end of training, however, felt heavy and a long ways away from the 150kg I hit earlier this week.  Onto the next week of training!

Tomorrow is a much needed FULL rest day that will consist of a little mobility, programming, reading and watching football.  I'm hoping to have a deeper and more in depth post tomorrow with a little bit more time on my hands.  This week I just haven't been motivated and focused to sit down and write anything very fruitful or valuable.

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