Sunday, April 21, 2013

Learn From Mistakes - Spring Training Progression: Week 5, Day 4

Work up to 1-RM

Clean & Jerk
Work up to 1-RM

Back Squat
Work up to 90%
Failed at 90%

We ended up not competing at the last minute this weekend.  In lieu of competition, we worked up to 1 RM's.  I hit what I was hoping to get at the meet, 105kg.  I gave 107kg 3 tries but just wasn't there.  I ended up getting under it soundly, but for whatever reason, I couldn't stand it up and ended up losing it.  That was a precursor for things to come, and a learning experience of things to learn from.

Stupidly, I decided to go straight into C&J's with out any rest in between.  Mistake number one.  When maxing out, I need to allow myself 10-15 mins from the time I finish snatching to my first c&j warm up attempt - just like in a meet.

Mistake number 2 was jumping from 100kg to 110kg.  Making that big of a jump crushed me.  I'm surprised actually I was able to make 110.  Got under 115kg alright, but per usual, I couldn't stand it up.  My second attempt at it, the bar came away after the second pull and I lost it forward.

I was both frustrated and taxed from this.  Long story short, I had to bail at my 90% squat.  What started out as a good day sure turned to crap right away.

I can assure you next time, my rest in between lifts and my attempt progression will be more on point.  Lesson learned.

After feeling confident in my clean & jerk the past couple of weeks, I'm back at square one.  Need to get stronger.  Sick and tired of this crap!

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